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AVOID!! Customer service is useless at best. Hours on the phone and getting nowhere. Now, waiting for a manager to call me back within the next 48 hours?!?

A saga of events: - called to get new service, they sent the modem. Good so far, except the internet runs over the phone lines. I didn't have a phone jack so I called to cancel. They convinced me to upgrade to faster internet and I would get a jack installed for free - great! They scheduled an install for 2 weeks later, promising that I would be credited for the time I was not able to use the service ("Will that be in the account notes? Yes!"). Fine, I can wait.

Install day - appointment window from 8-5 so had to take the whole day off from work. At 4:45, still no tech. I called customer service and they told me the tech was in the area but they couldn't guarantee the tech would be there that day?!?! Also, they had no way that they or I could contact dispatch to get an answer. Getting severely heated now - was offered a free month, but they have no record of the credit I was supposed to receive. Went through several agents and was able to get the credit back and the free month ("Are you sure it's in the notes? Yes - I'm typing it right now!"). Tech shows up the next day (he was very nice and professional - had no idea my appointment was for the day before) - fine, at least I have internet.

JUST GOT MY BILL - over $100 (I've had service for two weeks), no credit, no free month. Called customer service and they said there is no note about a credit or free month so there is nothing they can do. I asked to speak with a manager and one might be calling me back within the next two days.

Dealing with this company is like cleaning up after with toddlers with full access to endless glitter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Consolidated Communications Internet Service.

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