Yesterday while trying to do my kids online schooling they decide to disconnect us which was a total shock bc we are not late on our payment and have never been in the 10 years we been living here they ended up sending payment back due to damage done to envelope during mail process didn't even give us a day to send back they were disconnecting us the next day after we received they could have at least give it a week to send back knowing that all of America is doing online school right now n need this to get it done I had to resort to using my hotspot for the day bc they wouldn't have it back on till next day well that's just ridiculous especially when I shouldnt have been cut off to begin with it's not my fault payment got sent back they need to work with people instead of being so damm greedy their employees suck when we first signed up we had to track them down to get our wire buried I should have left then unfortunately they are the only ones in my area so I'm stuck using them

User's recommendation: Don't use this company they suck.

Location: 350 South Loop 336 West, Conroe, TX 77304

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