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Not only can I never watch TV, but even when I can use the internet, it is extremely slow, with low quality picture, often not working at all. Of course, when I have these problems I try to call Consolidated tech support, but let me just say their service is about just as reliable.

When I do get to talk to a representative, which is rare because I refuse to wait on hold longer than twenty minutes before even talking to someone, I'm on the phone for at least an hour. The agents transfer you back and forth, and once I even had an agent "transfer" me to himself!

Now I'm not sure if they only have one agent, and by the speed it seems like it, but Consolidated really needs to get it together. Not only would I NEVER recommend their services, but I would HIGHLY advise against them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Consolidated Communications Internet Service.

Location: Charleston, Illinois

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I spoke with Consolidated Communications about the languishing copper network, as they are about the last connectivity option for a lot of us consumers. I made note of Google Fiber and asked what plans they had to upgrade the network to competitive.

They do not see other providers becoming an issue and clearly fiber is not a threat. They made specific note of Google Fiber and said it was not an issue. With many cable providers installing data caps they hold at least one advantage. We are hardly pushing Internet over outdated copper lines that can't hold a 4K video stream without hiccups.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the original copper from the 1930's is still being used. Hey Consolidated we want Fiber, so what if the last mile installation is prohibitively expensive now it matches the price you charge for the service every month. I seen one article that said some lone company helped them squeeze IPTV onto the copper, extending the life of the network. The Internet is poor when compared to the national average.

Install Fiber please, it's made to handle high bandwidth applications. Someone save us!


They "recruited" me at a apartment pool party. Told me of all the money they would save me and a $100 reward for switching.

Now I am moving and they want to charge me an early termination fee?!?!

I asked for the contract in writing saying I signed up for a two year contract ( which I NEVER do, I hate it with my cell phone enough) and they say it was a "verbal" agreement. HA!

Well I verbally am NOT paying you a early termination fee for something I never agreed to. Oh and the DSL internet is really shoddy. Stick with broadband over coax.

This service isn't worth it.

The DVR remote was horrible and cable was more often than not pixelated. Stay away from this service unless you like to throw your money away.


How much was the fee? I'm moving and I want to know what I'm getting into.

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