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I have been having the worst service ever through your customer service/technical support team. I have to say that I miss Fairpoint being Fairpoint...

Since the consolidated take over our service randomly drops and comes back on. At this point, I have not had internet for 3 days and no one has been able to help me. A service technician came this morning when I was not home and left a note on my doorknob that said everything was working. Our internet was not working at all after his visit, we have no idea what he was talking about.

If this is not fixed within 24-48 hours I am going to close my account.

My husband spent over 3 hours on hold trying to get this resolved and your system can't even find my address which has not changed at all since I signed up for service. How can I be getting billed, but when I need help I get bounced around by your call center and my account cant even be found???

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My Opinions of My Situations Concerning Consolidated Communications! First is the Bad Service & No Local Help without Calling a 1-800 Number pretty much & Always Increasing Prices!

The Next is My Opinion On how I was Treated when Consolidated Communications Replaced a Line in Front of My Property & then put a Part of that New Line on My Property which They Promptly Denied! And then I was Told that a FenceLine that had been Built by the State & been there for 52Yrs wasn't Correct & I was Vaguely Threatened to Not even try to Replace that Fenceline with a New One without jumping through Endless Hoops! Basically I was to not Replace the Fence in My Opinion! In My Opinion, that at last Report is a Threat!

Whatever my Opinons of this Company are Not Great Ones!

But They are My Opinons & Mine Alone & Consolidated Communications Cannot Tell Me what My Opinons of Them will be! Legally I still have that Right!

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